I am a big fan of Rado watches. They are very elegant and look distinctive. Over the past few years, they have made their name the watch world. The Rado Diastar is an iconic watch. Its design has changed very little over the past decades and one can recognize the Rado Diastar from a distance.

Rado Diastar has myriad variants but share similar manual, box and documentation. You get a black carrying bag and a white box, removing it reveals a black box that contains cleaning cloth, another box carrying the Rado Diastar watch and a big fat manual. Here is its unboxing video.

The watch looks very unique. It is not very heavy but definitely not on the lighter side. The Rado Diastar model that I purchased has date and day view as well. It is quartz type and has a copper gold dial. The dial has crystals that gives it an expensive look. The face has space saucer like look to it and you can definitely tell that it is a Rado watch.

The entire strap is rustproof and scratchproof. This means that your Rado Diastar will continue to look new even after many years of use. I have strong big wrists and my Rado Diastar did not require any adjustment.

The lock and unlock mechanism is smooth and jitter less. It is very comfortable to wear and look very expensive which is important. You will feel very special after wearing it. It is an investment well worth it.